Draft of a letter asking the Greek parliament to investigate Soros’ networks in Greece. Threat to the country?

Just drafted a letter to the Greek Parliament asking them to investigate George Soros’ networks in Greece…Will have it translated into Greek and send it off…

Dear Members of the Greek Parliament,

I am writing to you as a journalist who can offer clear, unambiguous evidence that both Billionaire George Soros and Alexis Tsipras read my birdflu666 blog, and that they are also almost certainly behind persistent attempts to stop my exposure of their criminal activities.

Please see my email to the Supreme Court forwarded below for more information on this aspect.

I am now asking you to fulfill your duty of oversight and investigate the activities of Soros, his foundations and agents in Greece to determine whether they have played a role in the country’s instability and destabilization.

The recently hacked documents and emails from the George Soros Open Society Foundation reveal that Soros has a vast secretive network operating in Greece, and that it is far more organized than the public realize. It includes the newly appointed US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt and organizations such as Solidarity Now.

The leaks reveal that Soros’ agenda is designed, as Caroline Glick put it in the Jerusalem Post, “to subvert Western democracies and make it impossible for governments to maintain order or for societies to retain their unique identities and values” and “to hinder free markets, whether those markets are financial, ideological, political or scientific.”

In the light of these new revelations, I urge the Greek parliament to constitute a cross party panel, in cooperation with the army, police, and intelligence services, to gather information about Soros’ secretive networks, especially among politicians and businessness, and determine whether the Soros operations pose and threat.

Specifically, areas that the hacked documents spotlight as needing investigation include

1.      The influence of Soros, his Open Society Foundations and organizations on  Greek politicians.

As mentioned, as part of an ongoing criminal case in Greece, I have presented clear, verifiable evidence that both Soros and Alexis Tsipras read my blog. I allege that Tsipras is part of a Soros’ “cash for favours” network of politicians in Greece along with Yannis Varoufakis. 

Evangelos Venizelos  said in 2013 that Soros funded Syriza, noting the many conferences that Tsipras attended where sponsored in some form by Soros.

Other politicians with close ties to Soros include George Papandreou. Opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis is also named by the Greek media as attending a closed lunch in Athens with Soros on April 26th, 2014, along with politicians such as Panos Panagiotopoulos and business men such as Stelios Zavvos, the the Founder and President of the Harvard Business School Club of Greece

Is there a secret network of politicians and business men who have been bought or influenced by Soros in Greece? If so, which politicians and officials can be identified as belonging to this network? Who has received funds directly or indirectly from a Soros funded organization?  Who has met him regularly? What ties are there between Soros and the Mitsotakis family and in laws? What influence does Soros have on New Democracy?

Leaked emails show Soros giving instructions to Hillary Clinton on how to handle unrest in Albania and secretly paying the salaries of the staffers of the Moldovian Prime Minister? Does Soros have direct email communication with any Greek politicians such as Tsipras, Varoufakis or Mitsotakis? Does Soros pay staffers or advisors of any of the parties? Does the influence of Soros extend into the armed forces and police forces?

2. The hacked Soros documents show  Soros’s Open Society Foundations is the driving force behind the Open Borders policy, which some say is a threat to the very existence of Greece and Europe.

As Caroline Glick said, if it is racist for Greece to have borders, it is racist for Greece to exist. The logical end of the uncontrolled and permanent and high levels of immigration we are currently seeing is the end of Greece. Tsipras opened the detention centres last spring and allowed the rules to be changed to give illegal migrants longer visas. Did Soros or his networks influence Tsipras to open the borders and grant migrants longer visas?

How severe a threat is uncontrolled immigration to Greece? How many illegal migrants are there currently in Greece? How many will come in the coming years?Are Soros NGOs involved in the sometimes violent protests against closed borders? Are Soros NGOs involved in running the camps for migrants?

The hacked documents show that Soros and his organizations are the single biggest donor to Hillary Clinton, who is accused of founding ISIS by high ranking US military generals.

What contacts exist between the Soros network and radical Islamic groups in Greece? How many ISIS terrorists are there in the country? Are they organizing into networks? Are they receiving covert assistance or funding from Soros’ agents? Did Soros influence Panos Kammenos to threaten to flood Europe with ISIS terrorists?

3. The hacked Soros documents show Soros has invested significant resources in shaping the Greek media and public opinion. One of the Syriza party members, Alexis Tsipras’s associate on matters of social media, Matheos Tsimitakis, participated in a Soros operation to sway public opinion against Russia.

Who else can be identified in Greece as belonging to covert Soros media networks? What are their aims?

What influence does Soros have on the current TV licensing process, which threatens to reduce the diversity in the Greek media landscape and create a totalitarian propaganda apparatus, critics say?

4. Soros has opened health centres in Greece.

Who runs these health centres? Who controls their activities? What vaccines or drugs do they give to the local population or to migrants? Who controls whether these are safe?

What other health organizations does Soros fund in Greece? How many of these are also funded by the Greek government?

Grigoris Vallianatos, a graduate like Soros of the LSE, leader of the LGBT movement in Greece, a movement funded by Soros (Athens Pride), has also just opened a NGO to give homeless women with medical care, specifically HIV AIDS tests, based in the Thessaloniki office of MEP Miltos Kyrkos, who is listed as a reliable ally of Soros in a hacked document.

Does Soros fund this new NGO or other such NGOs?

5. Tsipras has installed a new network of heads in the country’s state hospitals and fired Thanasis Giannopoulos, the country’s chief of disease control, KEELPNO, recruited a new president Theofilos Rosenberg,  who gave a high profile speech at the UN on  HIV AIDS in June 11,2016, and who has started a new recruitment drive for KEELPNO.

Rosenberg sits on the scientific board of the Katerina Laskaridis foundation which has links with Chinese universities. George Panos Laskaridis is reported to have attended a closed lunch with Soros in Athens on April 26th, 2014.

Does Rosenberg and the new health network have close links to Soros or to his NGOs or align themselves with the health goals of Soros? Soros, as I report on my blog, had links to the hyped Ebola epidemic in West Africa with the goal of implementing a mass vaccination campaign with a risky and dangerous experimental vaccine. Ebola is considered by some scientific experts to be an offshoot of the AIDS bioweapons programme.

What are Rosenberg’s policies on experimental epidemic vaccines? Does Rosenberg support the UN and WHO’s mass forced vaccination programmes in the event of epidemic emergencies bearing in mind that the mild Zika virus is now being hyped as a threat?

6. Hacked documents reveal that Soros funds extreme groups to engineer social tension and civil war. 

Do Soros’ tentacles extend into the extreme right and left wing parties in Greece.  Does he have influence on the right wing Panos Kammenos, Tsipras’ closest and most loyal partner in government?

7.  Soros’s Open Society Foundations is funding key groups with the goal of attempting to  changing the methods for the 2020 census crucial in determining the gain or loss of districts and the  reapportionment of the numbers of House seats allotted to each state, as well as in enlarging the electorate in an attempt to rig elections.

Did Soros influence the recent redrawing of district boundaries by Tsipras’ Interior Minister? Did Soros influence the proposals for constitutional and other change?

Also, what checks are there on the activities of Singular Logic, the IT company belonging to investment fund KKR, and which is charged with reporting election results?

8. Hacked documents show that Soros funds attempts to influence justice, specifically a US Supreme Court ruling on illegal immigration.

Documents also show that Soros virtually ruled the Ukraine in 2014 through his the US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. Pyatt became the subject of a probe after it was discovered that he channelled significant sums to two deputy prosecutors in a bid to unseat the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Could Soros influence Pyatt to attempt the same trick in Greece? Could he target the top judge, Vasiliki Thanou? Has Soros been able to influence the Council of State court?

9. Soros bankrolls groups to liberalize laws on same sex marriage. The Open Society funded the Athens Pride in 2014. The LGBT movement of Grigoris Vallianatos is considered the driving force behind the recent same sex marriage laws, according to the Neue Zurcher Zeitung.

Has Soros funded the LGBT movement in Greece pushing for same sex marriage? Has Soros given funds to an LGBT organization associated with Grigoris Vallianatos.

10. Hacked documents reveal that Soros funds Catholic bishops, including the most senior advisor of Pope Francis, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, with the goal of changing the priorities of the church from  moral teachings to policies in favour of opening borders to refugees and mass migration and climate change.

What influence does Soros exercise on the Greek Orthodox church?

The US state department funded the historical Holy Synod, which was boycotted by Russia because it was seen as an instrument to take control of churches.

These are just some of the areas I ask you to in in investigate and collect information. The Greek people have the right to know the full extent of Soros’ activities in Greece and also they have the right to know if these pose a threat to the future of their country.

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