The former economic advisor to George Papandreou, Grigoris Vallianatos has started up an NGO based in the office of MEP Miltos Kyrkos, listed as a reliable ally of George Soros in hacked documents, claiming to give homeless women shelter and drugs, including HIV tests, it has emerged.

George Soros, a graduate of the London School of Economics like Vallianatos and Papandreou, has funded several “solidarity centres” in Greece to provide health care to poor Greeks. It is not clear if Soros is funding the new organization run by Vallianatos, which appears to have an identical profile to his own.

A map in Greek appears to show Vallaiantos’ “Oloiemeis” network has a vast network with offices all around the country including Larissa, but also Athens, Thessaoloniki Laconia, Messenia, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Karditsa, Magnesia, Trikala, Achaea, Aetolia, Acarnania, Elis, Florina, Grevena, Kastoria, Kozani, among others.

The Valliantos organization’s website appears to state Genelabs, which works together with Merck, manufacturer of a risky experimental Ebola vaccine, will provide unemployed Greeks with a range of free tests.

Vallianatos is the head of the country’s main LGBT organizations, a group which hacked documents show Soros gives particular funding too, and it is not clear why he has suddenly found such an interest in giving health care to the poor or who is funding the organization.

Soros funded Athens Pride in 2014, hacked documents show.

Valliantos is credited with getting a recent change in the law to allow same sex marriage in Greece.

In 2014, Valliantos’ communications company received a grant of 30,000 euros from the Greek government.

The new head of the centre of disease control, KEELPNO, Theofilos Rosenberg,   gave a high profile speech at the UN on  HIV AIDS in June 11,2016, and who has started a new recruitment drive for KEELPNO.

Rosenberg sits on the scientific board of the Katerina Laskaridis foundation which has links with Chinese universities. George Panos Laskaridis is reported to have attended a closed lunch with Soros in Athens on April 26th, 2014.

In parallel, Alexis Tsipras has installed a new network of heads in the country’s state hospitals.

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