Tinfoil Hilary claims new media controlled by Putin when I have not even been paid for my interview with Russian state TV

In  a desperate attempt to divert attention from the cash for favours scandal embroiling her Clinton Foundation and deflect from her long list of deleted emails as Secetary of State, has attacked the new media, like the website Breitbart and Alex Jones, claiming they are a conspiracy under the control of Vladimir Putin.


Interesting. Following that logic, I must also be under the control of Putin. After all, I did do an interview with a Russian TV crew producing a documentary for state channel Rossija on biological warfare June 20th in Larisa.

What a shame that control does not include actually getting paid for my trouble by Putin. Yes, dear readers, I actually asked for a contribution to my costs here in Greece as I fight persistent attempts to murder me organized, (this is now proven), by the government of Alexis Tsipras under the sway of George Soros.

After all, I am not in thrall to Putin or anyone. I am a professional journalist who wants to be paid for my time. But have I been paid by Putin? No, in spite of promises. See email below.

The russia

Lindsay Lohan is demanding 860,000 dollars to appear on Russian Talk show. My information has to be at least worth as much as that.


I am going to send an invoice with a very large concrete sum to Russia right now.


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