The former US ambassador to Yemen, Arthur Hughes, has revealed the close links between the CIA and Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen, who has been blamed by the Turkish president for the recent coup plot, and the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople (Istanbul), Bartholomew.

The information confirms the notion that Gulen spearheaded a coup on behalf of the CIA to depose Turkey’s leader Recept Erdogan after Erdogan agreed to work more closely with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on Syria, and that the Greek Orthodox Church has been captured by the CIA, which in turn works for Globalists.

Hacked documents and emails have revealed the extent of the influence of Billionaire George Soros on Hilary Clinton when she was Secretary of State and US ambassadors like Geoffrey Pyatt in the Ukraine.

A Greek Orthodox priest belonging to the Patriarchate, Alexander Karloutsos, helped organize the escape of Gulen to the USA in 1999 together with US diplomats Morton Abramowitz, the CIA agents Graham Fuller and George Fidas.

Karloutsos, who had close links to former CIA boss George Tenet, channels vast sums of money from US Greek billionaires into the  Orthodox church in Istanbul.

It’s no wonder that such a situation induced the Patriarchate to establish close ties with the American political elite. Congregations in the US and the donations from American businesspersons of Greek origin are the main sources of income for the Ecumenical Patriarchate. In its turn, Washington considers the condition of religious minority in Turkey an ace in the diplomatic game to put pressure upon Ankara. Moreover, being primus inter pares among the heads of the other Autocephalous Churches, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople can affect the whole Orthodox world. And, obviously, the US intelligence couldn’t have missed such a chance.
Thus, one of the members of the American-Israeli lobby in the Constantinople Patriarchate is Father Alexander Karloutsos, Public Affairs Officer close to Archbishop Demetrios. Thanks to his ties with high-level officials and Greek-American billionaires, he is basically the only person who controls the money flows from the US to the Phanar, and that gives him wide possibilities of exerting pressure upon the Ecumenical Patriarchate. On the other hand, Karloutsos is also in good relations with former CIA Director George Tenet, and with the preacher Fethullah Gülen cooperating with the American intelligence. That means the amount of financing is directly bound to how successfully the Patriarchate’s heads accomplish the tasks they receive from their US supervisors,” writes Hughes.


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