A book by Germany’s top police man warning that the very existence of Germany is under threat because of mass Muslim immigration has soared to number four in the Der Spiegel bestseller list.;jsessionid=C0E7CBB75DC5C63A68E8C976DC9B81F4

The book called “Germany in Danger” written by Rainer Wendt, head of the country’s police union (DPolG), contains a blistering attack on Angela Merkel’s open borders, saying it is undermining the day to day security of German people, and could lead to unrest and even civil war if the state’s finances collapse.

The fact that the country’s top police man has launched such a fierce attack on Merkel and other politicians for allowing uncontrolled, massive immigration of mostly young men from radical Muslim countries is a sign of the depth of alienation between the tiny clique of rulers, under the sway of George Soros, and the executive.

Recall, these are the very same police whom Merkel wants to use  together with the army to impose martial law on Germany.

Merkel is sitting on a vulcano, and her “Eric Mielke” moment could come any day.

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