As the Zika hype reaches a new levels of hysteria in the USA, I’d like to share with you some natural, ancient Greek ways for repelling mosquitoes that don’t have the risks of pesticides.

Even Time magazine admitted in April that scientists have found a link between mosquito spraying and autism.

People in Larisa  have revealed to me the local, age old, natural and proven method for repelling mosquitoes. And they should know. Larisa is not only mentioned in Homer’s Illiad. It is also the place where the Greek physician Hippocrates, called the “Father of Medicine,” died at the age of 90 (some accounts say he died at 100 years of age).

So what do the local people to protect themselves against mosquitos? It’s not just of theoretical interest to people here. Larisa has a big mosquito problem in the summer. It is one of the hottest cities in all of Greece because of its location on a plain. Temperatures can, in fact, be over 45 degrees.

In addition, Larisa has a pretty stagnant river, the Pinos, plus the odd thunderstorm…

In short, the extreme heat together with stagnant water spell a mosquito paradise. The insects are out in force in Larisa city as well as a real nuisance for farmers working out in  the fields or vineyards of the very fertile plain of Thessaly.

By the way, I now use these local, natural, ancient Greek methods and they do work.  Before I used these methods, I had an average of twenty new mosquito bites every single day.  I have “sweet blood” as the locals call, the type the pests really like. But since I use these methods,  no mosquito comes near me.

The first and best method is lemons. Local Larisa farmers get lemons, cut and dry them, and hang slices on a string at a window or door to keep away mosquitoes. Or you can get some lemon juice and pour it around lavishly. Use lots of lemon juice.  Designate pieces of cloth and soak them in lemon juice regularly.

Anything with lemon, is, in fact, the number one natural ingredient in mosquito repellents.

Second, basil. Rub the herb into your skin and the mosquitoes will stay away.

Greeks have other methods for keeping mosquitoes away such as nets and insect repellent. But I have found lemons especially work wonders.

Also,  the new GM altered mosquitoes released by Oxitec flourish on the antibiotic tetracycline, which can be found in pet food. So, if you have a pet, make sure to keep that bowl of dog or cat food as far away from home as you can as you while you go about wiping up drips of water to stop those pesky mosquitoes breeding.


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