Soros puppet and Maidan hitman Geoffrey Pyatt tweets he has arrived in Athens…

September 30, 2016

US Sends Maidan hitman G. Pyatt to Greece
Thursday, 29 September 2016

Having cut his teeth overthrowing and destroying Ukraine with Vicky Nuland, US Ambassador Pyatt is set for his new role – ‘Maidan’ for Greece’s left-wing government.
News the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt was replaced by Marie Yovanovitch was initially uplifting for majority of the world. Then it was tentatively announced that President Obama suited career diplomat may take over in Greece. The man overheard organizing “post coup” Ukraine government with Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victorian Nuland, will no doubt head up Athens’ next civil war.

Russia rejects MH17 report as biased

September 30, 2016

Russia has rejected the report by Dutch and Ukrainian investigators claiming that it downed the MH17 plane in 2014 as biased and politically motivated because it ignored Russian evidence that the Ukraine is responsible.

The USA and Ukraine have refused to release radar data, strongly suggesting the notion they have something to hide

Bjorn from Sweden focuses on more irregularities. He writes…

alongside the video documented corpses of half rotten passenger & crew corpses* from MH370
*documented by ANNA News at crash site in Ukraine hours after the downing of the Malaysian Airways jetliner  

How could 30mm cannon bullets & missile shrapnel have penetrated the cockpit hull and preserved captain Wan Amram in almost “pristine” condition?? 
Besides, the inwards and outwards pointing edges of the holes in the hull show the jetliner was fired at from both sides of the (0:40 into clip)

Cockpit photos in above links refute statements of captain Wan Amram’s sister:
On July 17th Russia Today published its documentary “MH17: a year without truth“. In this video the younger and older sister of captain Wan Amran were interviewed. 
The younger  sister tells the interviewer that she identified her brother at Hilversum (where all the victims’ bodies were investigated) and brought the body home to Malaysia.

wan amran en           zus

She tells that she was shown a full length photo of her brother and she was able to identify him. His body wasn’t damaged, only slightly burned. 
The older sister then tells that on arrival in Malaysia the government allowed no one to open the coffins.

Bjorn adds…

However I have no time to check whether I’ve mixed up some positions of the attached (blue) links! 
Please check before posting and let your own “researching source” stay anonymous 😉


September 30, 2016

Ten hedge funds have started to sell their shares in Deutsche Bank, sending the share price plunging 7% to new lows in the latest attack by speculators on a bank that, if it fails, could bring down the euro.

But excellent Deutsche Bank has built up a strong liquidiy reserve, meaning it can sit back and relax, as Zerohedge reports, until a rescue package is put together.

The share price of the Banca Monte dei Pascha di Sienna, after all, is almost zero and it is still functioning.

“In other words, all else equal, even in a worst case Prime Brokerage situation, one where all €71 billion in “other customer” funds flee, DB should still have about €152 billion of the €223 billion in liquidity reserve as of June 30, once again assuming there have been no other changes. Stated simply, if the hedge fund outflow accelerates and depletes all the liquidity at the Prime Brokerage division, DB would part with about a third (just over  €70 billion) of its €220 billion liquidity reserve.
Some other observations: even if one assumes the full loss of PB balances, DB would still have a Liquidity coverage ratio (“LCR”) of 124%.  The LCR is equivalent to HQLA/net stressed outflows over 30 day period. This ratio shows the banks’ ability to meet stressed funding conditions over a period of 1 month. For Deutsche bank, the LCR stood at 124% with the ratio composed of:

Will homicidal Abbess Theodekti try to escape to Estonia to evade justice?

September 30, 2016

Potentially facing charges of multiple counts of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, Theodekti, Theoniki and the Bishop of Volos may seek to use the escape route offered by Orthodox monasteries abroad to flee from justice in Larisa.

Theodekti, in particular, might seek to flee by going to her Skete in Estonia. Under Greek law, the accused can ask for a postponement twice and for up to seven months each time. Theodekti might seek to misuse this provision designed for emergencies like a hospital operation to evade justice.

That is why I asked the Areios Pagos in an email today to take steps to ensure that this homicidal woman is not allowed to leave Greece under any pretext. Her crimes are too serious, she evaded justice for too long. She needs to be clapped in jail for the safety of society and my safety and soon.

I also sent the Areios Pagos copies of my civil complaint and an investigative plan I submitted to the first prosecutor in Larisa detailing which witnesses should be questioned and on what topics.

A copy of my email



Crooked Greek clergy corrupting justice officials visit Areios Pagos President

September 29, 2016

The head of the Greek Orthodox church Ieronymous today visited the Supreme Court in Athens, the Areios Pagos, ostensibly to bless the work of the justice officials. But he may also have sought to find out information about the new investigation ordered by the Areios Pagos into the crimes against me committed by Orthodox clergy, including multiple counts of attempted homicide, or to influence it.

Ieronymous dared to lecture the honest president Vasiliki Thanou about the need to uphold the law when it is the Orthodox clergy who are becoming notorious for corrupting police and prosecutors as my own case shows.

It was Vatopedi monastery’s pet prosecutor at the Supreme Court, Efstathia Spyropoulou, who covered up the crimes of Larisa police and prosecutors in March, and who then launched a smear charge against Vasiliki Thanou on behalf of Vatopedli’s house banker Andreas Vgenopoulos in spite of the fact that the future and the very survival of Greece could depend on having honest justice officials.

Tsipras’ junior partner bats for Orthodox church, “soul of corruption” in Greece

September 29, 2016

Panos Kammenos, Greece’s defence minister, who threatened to open the country’s borders and send Islamic terrorists to Europe in March last year and then actually did so, has pledged to block an attempt to change the religious studies curricula.

The content of school religious studies is under the control of the Greek Orthodox church, which operates more like a mafia or criminal transnational corporation as the Vatopedi and Marfin scandal and my own case show.

Michael Lewis wrote in 2010 that Vatopedi monastery had been identified “in a perfectly corrupt society … (as) the soul of corruption.”

Clearly, any attempt to get students to think about religion or even just to think for themselves on any matter at all is going to be a threat to the Orthodox church. It relies on indoctrination and instilling the habit of obedience to create an environment favourable to its gigantic crimes.


September 29, 2016

Establishment media have continued to pretend Hillary Clinton won the rigged debate on Tuesday evening on the basis of an online CNN poll that had just 521 participants with a disproportionate number of Democrat voters while ignoring more than twenty online polls, which often had more than a million votes cast, all showing Trump had won by a large margin.

To underscore how popular Trump is, tens of thousands of people turned up to listen to him in Melbourne Florida in his first appearance after the debate.

Hillary Clinton teamed up with Bernie Sanders to tout a free college plan to a tiny audience of people who were mainly in their 50s and 60s.

The media is busy selling the scam that Hillary can win the election to make it plausible to deny any vote rigging.