Alex Jones asks Hillary not to kill him

Alex Jones lays out the history of Clintons and their mounting body count and he asks Hillary not to make him, her next victim.


Well, I am not asking Hillary. I am telling her she should go ahead and try it, and make my day.

Hillary’s single biggest donor is George Soros, proven reader of my blog, which is one of the “main opposition points” to the New World Order Globalists, specifically the false flag epidemics designed to trigger mass risky vaccination campaigns.

Soros’ puppet Alexis Tsipras has authorized a kill order for me in Greece. That’s now proven.

Greek police and justice officials have been instructed to stand down, remove all evidence of deadly crimes against me, and let the culprits go for me once more in November, using the  Benghazi “method” attempt used to murder the US whistleblower ambassador to Libya with the complicity of the European Commission.

I have repeatedly contacted the Supreme Court, the Greek parliament, the European Commission, with all the evidence and they have done nothing so far to stop the stand down.

Soros has now also moved his puppet US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, accused of covertly corrupting Ukrainian justice officials, to Athens apparently to interfere with justice yet more.

Go ahead and try it, Hillary. Awareness of the Globalist agenda has reached a critical mass and no amount of murders is going to stop that awareness growing.

Like Alex Jones suggests, Hillary Clinton should take a deep breath and ask herself what she is gaining from all this. She looks exhausted, sick, miserable. What will she gain if she becomes president through some election fraud and earns another billion dollars if her health collapses and she has to face her day of judgement and her Maker sooner than later?

She should do herself a favour, and spend time on developing herself, broadening her horizons, travelling, engage in some creative activity, learn about new dimensions of life.

Personally, I am in favour of an amnesty for Hillary. If Hillary and the Globalists abdicate from their plans, she should be given amnesty for her many crimes, public honour in the form of guaranteed slot on TV talk shows and a medal of distinction tied to a significant sum of money from the US tax payers to live in the luxury they feel is so necessary.

Even if Clinton gets a medal with a ten million a year stipend, that’s a great deal for the US tax payer as long as she bows out. As President selling out the nation’s interests to every foreign government and bankster, she could cost the USA trillions.

Do yourself the biggest favour of all, Hillary. Bow out gracefully. I am sure Donald Trump and his team would be open to the notion that you could get  security and financial guarantees in return for abdicating from this grotesque campaign. You can turn a fresh page. God is real. You can still get to know Him and make peace with your Maker.

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