MH17 mystery deepens, relatives seek data from USA, Ukraine and Russia

Two years after the mysterious crash of the MH17 in the Ukraine, relatives still have not been able to obtain radar and satellite data from the United States, the Ukraine and Russia, reinforcing the notion that it was the Kiev Junta which shot down the plane.

WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas allegedly died when the Malaysian airplane crashed in the Ukraine, whose regime was totally under the control of George Soros after a coup in 2014, hacked Open Society Foundation documents have revealed.

Soros is also a member of the Good Club which met in 2009 to curb population growth along with Bill Gates and David Rockefeller. Most of the members of the Good Club have substantial links to WHO and various scientists and organizations involved in the Ebola outbreak in 2014, as reported on this blog.

Glenn Thomas attempted to block WHO’s declaration of a public health emergency over the hyped Ebola epidemic in July 2014 . Two weeks later he was dead, paving the way for the declaration and a mass vaccination campaign, which failed.

Malaysian media have accused the Kiev Junta of shooting down the plane.

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