Lynn de Rothschild raised 6 million dollars for Hillary Clinton during one private dinner alone

Lynn de Rothschild hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Augustwhich raised 6 million dollars, it has emerged.

Each of the 30 guests had to donate 200,000 dollars to her campaign to attend the “exclusive dinner,” reports Der Spiegel.

Clinton collected 143 million in donations in August from the Globalist bankers like the Rothschilds and corporate chiefs desperate to keep their puppet in power by buying advertising on the dinosaur mainstream media, and who knows, maybe even by buying votes from illegal migrants?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has spearheaded a new style of political campaign on the social media and has already overtaken Clinton according to the mainstream media polls.

Moreover, he has factored in Clinton’s predictable voter fraud by recruiting an army of election observers and building a voter turn out machine, reports Breitbart.



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