WHO’s latest Zika situation update states that Zika is already in decline in some South American countries, reinforcing the notion that Zika is yet another fake crisis manufactured by the mainstream media, WHO and the corporations like Oxitec, which are set to make billions from Zika drugs and GM mosquitoes.


In addition, WHO’s own table shows virtually none of countries reporting Zika also report potential cases of abnormally small heads or microcephaly linked to Zika.

Screenshot (1331)
Even Brazil is reporting just 1845 cases of microcephaly and it by far the largest. Yet, many scientists in Brazil have argued that these cases of microcephay are unrelated to Zika and blamed a flawed methodology.


“Moreover, the African lineage preliminarily identified in Guinea-Bissau has not been
associated with microcephaly and other neurologic complications,” states the WHo report.

Interestingly, the gene sequencing results of the four confirmed Zika “have preliminarily confirmed that the cases are of an African lineage,  not the
predominant global outbreak Asian lineage,” raising interesting questions about where these genetic variations come from. A bioweapons lab?

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