Crooked Bishop of Volos gives CNN interview praising Tsipras, as I start extraordinary civil case to get justice in criminal courts, compel evidence from essential witness. Will Theoktisti be next target for assassination?

I have started a civil suit in Larisa an attempt to compel evidence in the ongoing criminal investigation and get a conviction.

Read the confirmation that it has been delivered to Theodekti at the monastery of St John the Forerunner in Greece here…

civil case

The lawyer who helped me prepare the extra judicial notification, required here under new procedures, mentioned the “attempted homicide” by German nun Theoniki after reviewing the original police reports.

Meanwhile the Bishop of Volos has given yet another interview on CNN praising the close relationship between Alexis Tsipras and the church…

I intend to call British national and Oxford graduate Theoktisti Nicola Emsley as an essential witness in my civil case. But if she does give an accurate and factual account, it will result in Theodekti, Theonike and the Bishop of Volos facing lengthy prison sentences together with large numbers of Greek state prosecutors and police. That is clearly why she has not been questioned up until now.

It is plain to see that Theoktisti could, therefore, be a target for murder to prevent her giving testimony in my civil case. Theodekti, Theoniki and the Bishop Ignatius of Volos as well as numerous police, prosecutors and Alexis Tsipras and George Soros  would all have the motive and means to kill her.



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