Tsipras halves TV channels, gives only four licenses to crooked and crony oligarchs

The government of Alexis Tsipras has halved the number of private TV licenses, awarding the four remaining licenses to oligarchs in an illegal process so intransparent and bizarre the Neue Zurcher Zeitung called it a cross between the “election of a Pope” and a “reality game show”.


Efforts by Tsipras to sell his media censorship as an anti corruption drive have been hindered by the fact the winners, three shipping magnates and one construction company magnate, all have friendly ties to him and his party.

“Syriza’s move to authoritarian rule was brash and direct, by only offering four licenses to the highest bribe bidder,” writes The Duran.


One shipping magnate is currently under investigation for match fixing and another receives big constructions contract from the government. Then again, Alexis Tispras’ father also made his fortune from construction contracts from the military junta, so this kind of crony capitalism will be familiar to him.

Tsipras claims the proceeds will go to the people crushed into poverty by him and the oligarchs in cahoots with the banksters in a bid to give his censorship push a social face. Sure, Alexis. We believe you.

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