Angela Merkel’s party has been beaten into third place by the anti EU and immigration AfD party in her home state, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, in a result that is widely seen as marking the beginning of the end of her chancellorship.

Following the crushing defeat, CDU parliament member Wolfgang Bosbach demanded Merkel end her Open doors policy, which is fuelling voter discontent across the country and paving the way for Merkel to receive a drubbing at national elections in 2017.

Merkel is the most powerful Soros puppet in Europe, who has played a pivotal role along with Alexis Tsipras and Werner Faymann in flooding Europe with migrants and terrorists from the Middle East. Her trouncing in her own political heartland, therefore, also deals a fatal blow to the Globalist plan of a take over of Western Europe using radical Islamic migrants.

Merkel’s defeat will also undermine any plans she may have to transition to a full fledged dictatorship this autumn by deploying the German army on the pretext of needing to contain the very terrorist threat she has created in the first place by opening borders.

Large scale drills involving the German army and police are planned for November while the population has been instructed to stock up on emergency supplies of food.

The drills suggest that Merkel and the Globalists are planning a massive false flag, probably to be blamed on Russia, in a bid to justify martial law and cling onto power.

However, it will be impossible for Merkel to issue herself emergency dictatorial powers under the image of the “beloved” leader now that voters have  so obviously cold shouldered her migrant policies. Any attempt to impose martial law will now be seen for what it is, namely, as a ruthless power grab by Merkel and it will be roundly rejected by the German people.

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