Syriza Green Minister visits Theodekti. More plots worry essential witness Theoktisti?

The CNN has been reporting on Greek Syriza Minister and Green Party Kingpin John Tsironis as he has done his rounds of fellow cronies in Larisa. Tsironis has been dropping in at the local hospital and mayor’s office as well as the monastery of St John the Forerunner for a friendly chat with Theodekti, to do the kind of deals Syriza ministers are known locally for doing (Like asking for bribes of 20,000 euros to sign off on papers to allow a new harbour in Volos to be built, for example).

While crooked Theodekti in front right and her accomplice Theodoxee left are all smiles along with the dapper charmer John Tsironis, essential witness Theoktisti Emsley looks distinctly uneasy as she walks several metres behind.


Perhaps she has overheard them discussing their next joint murder attempts and cover ups? Or how to get more funding for the George Soros funded propaganda of human global warming for themselves?

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