Envelopes containing voting slips for the upcoming re run of Austrian Presidential election open because of faulty glue, opening the door to another round of massive voter fraud, Die Presse reports.


The problems with the envelopes means that no one in Austria can be sure that the vote they cast in the upcoming re run of the election for President is not replaced, says Die Presse.

The problem emerged after a woman found that an envelope with her postal vote, which she had carefully sealed, and checked that it was closed, opened one day later when she went to the post.

Yet she was denied another vote because she had signed that she had cast her vote.

The news underlines the folly of allowing the same crooked Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka and his team who were responsible for the first round of election fraud to remain in  their positions.

Just two months after the Austrian Supreme Court ruled that the election has to be held again because of massive voter irregularities, we can see the next fraud being set up! 


Sobotka and election team are the ones responsible for issuing envelopes that open a few day later because of faulty glue allowing for millions of votes to be changed out. Anyone who has sent letters by post knows that envelopes stay closed for days on end during often long journeys. A special ingredient has been introduced into the otherwise standard formula of glue to get an envelope to open one day after it is sealed, fooling the voter.

Someone needs to investigate these envelopes, the glue, the contract for the envelopes and take legal action. At a minimum Sobotka has a duty of care.

Sobotka, and his backer Erwin Proell, and ultimately the Hapsburg family which runs the New World Order in Austria for the Rothschilds, have to go.

The Austrians have to be prepared now for yet another attempt to steal the vote just a few weeks after the Supreme Court ordered a re run of the election because of voter fraud.

The Globalist determination to steal the vote in Austria should be a warning to Donald Trump. It’s clear the Globalists will do anything to get the election, corrupt the election machine, fiddle with the envelopes.

Trumps needs to get his supporters out in force to watch over the votes like hawks and set up a point to collect evidence of voter fraud.

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