The Greek government is opposing the revival of a European Union rule that would allow the forcible return to its territory of asylum-seekers who entered the bloc via Greece, reports Kathimerini.

The bid to restore the Dublin rules comes as Bavaria’s CSU chief Horst Seehofer warned that the failure of Greece and other countries to close their borders could mean that more migrants arrive  there this year than last year. He estimated a minimum of three million migrants are in Germany as a result of the influx, but more realistic estimates are nine million.


The migrant crisis started when Alexis Tsipras opened the countries borders last year, extended a de facto invitation of millions of migrants to Greece by giving them six month visa, and then sent the migrants to Northern Europe illegally with the secret help of the EU.

The Greek government is, therefore, legally obliged and morally responsible for accepting the return of all those migrants and for keeping them on its territory and no one else.

The Bishop of Volos recently told CNN that he is in favour of a Mosque in Athens and that migrants are welcome, underlining the fact that Greeks are happy to have millions of Muslim migrants.

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Istanbul also urged hospitality for migrants in a high profile visit with Pope Francis and Alexis Tsipras.

If Tsipras refuses to allow migrants to be returned, Germany and the other countries should copy the model Tsipras displayed to the world in Idomeni. They should follow the same template. They should load the migrants in buses, send them to the border of Greece, offload them in a remote camp where they have nothing to eat, hand out leaflets urging Greece to open its borders,  start a big media campaign about how xenophobic Greeks are for closing their borders to migrants, and then help the migrants to find their way across at night by at various points on land and at sea in large numbers in vans, ships and on foot while hermetically sealing the border behind them.

And if Tsipras still won’t take the migrants, then there is always the option of sending the migrants vaccinated into Greece…

Yes, vaccinated migrants should be sent back.

Vaccinating migrants in large numbers with very doubtful diseases will just mean using the same paradigm as Tsipras only this time they will be heading south to sunnier climes to  destroy the tourist industry.

Tsipras’s sponsor George Soros has set up health centres around Greece and seems to have links to vaccination programmes.

And if Greece cannot cope with the migrants, then Europe should just redraw the Schengen borders to exclude Greece, while putting large numbers of armed guards on its borders. It is not Europe’s problem. It was up to Greece to use its army and navy and detention centres to secure its borders.  If it has failed to do so, and has to offer hospitality to 10 million Muslim migrants, it’s Greece’s problem.

And the opposition parties should stop blaming Tsipras and start accepting responsibility for their staggering failures to get the borders closed.

Also, in respect of my case, I have had letters from the European Commission  but not a single Greek politician or body has addressed the staggering corruption I have been subjected to by police and prosecutors or the fact that government has organized my de facto murder in November.

Let the arrogant, xenophobic, incompetent and criminal Greeks return to the Muslim yoke they lived under for four hundred years  and be forced to take back the migrants they are lawfully obliged to accept.

Greece was only in European Union for a couple of decades and they nearly destroyed it with their euro bailout scam and migrant scam.

Greece has a third world education system, third world corruption, a judicial system that is a total disgrace at every level as my case shows, third world crony capitalism, and a mafia Orthodox church.

The highest ranked university in Greece is, incidentally, 376th in the world rankings.

I have had notes from Larisa court which my translator could not understand because they were written so poorly. The lawyers have, with a few exceptions, the standard of primary school children in the UK. Greeks have had it too easy. Years of crime and corruption  have bred incompetence and  an arrogant sense of impunity.

A local person was saying to me with pride the prisons in Greece are filled with foreigners. That is because hardly anyone in Greece is charged with corruption, bribery or financial crimes. If they were, half of Greece would be in prison.

Unite Europe, kick Greece out of Schengen and the Euro.

And if the Greeks  ever dare refuse the migrants or threaten Europe again, then Europe should give them back, as I mentioned, double, triple. They should send back not only migrants vaccinated, but migrants vaccinated against Ebola, and then declare an epidemic in Greece and quarantine the country for ten years.

Or they should collect every ISIS fighter in Germany, arm them to the teeth, and send them back to Greece after teaching them Greece is their new Caliphate.

They should kick Greece out of the euro zone next month and leave them to cope with the IOUs, petrol rationing and martial law, which was the plan B of Yannis Varoufakis.

Why should this country rife with crime be allowed to destroy Europe any longer?





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