Grassroots CSU revolt aims to force Angela Merkel out

Grassroots CSU voters in Bavaria are refusing to vote for candidates standing for selection for the 2017 federal election unless they pledge they will not vote for Angela Merkel, forcing a delay in the local party selection process, Bild reports.

The grassroot voters are taking matters into their own hands after controlled opposition and CSU leader Horst Seehofer has failed to block Merkel.

The CSU is the coalition partner of Merkel’s CDU. If the CSU refuses to enter into a coalition with Merkel, the CDU will be forced to pick another candidate.

To placate angry voters, Seehofer claimed to have cancelled a visit of Merkel at the CSU conference in November.

But predictably, the cancellation was immediately denied by other CSU officials as speculation is growing that Globalist agent Merkel is going to try to enter the election race and cling to power with the sly hand of Seehofer guiding her along.

Seehofer could have forced Merkel’s resignation last year by withdrawing from the coalition.

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