Glue from Germany was used to produce the faulty envelopes that has led to the postponement of the re run of the Austrian presidential election, it has emerged.

The re run has been rescheduled for December 4th amid fears that the envelopes currently in use could result in voter fraud.

Franz Lang, the head of the Austrian criminal police, which has been investigating the ineffective envelopes since the weekend, said one of the three parts used to mix the faulty glue came from Germany.

He said forensic experts suspected that the three parts of the glue formula were not mixed together in the right proportions and that is why the glue was ineffective.

The police have sent the company responsible for producing the adhesive strips a list of questions. Forsensic police labs are examining the envelopes.

Lang said an investigation into the ineffective adhesive on the envelopes would last another two weeks.

This is the first time the company has produced defective adhesive strips for envelopes, reports the Kurier.

It has a patent on the adhesive strips for the envelopes for postal votes. These have been produced since 2003 in its facilities.

Two staff checked the envelopes at the end of the manufacturing process but did not detect the defect because the adhesive strip loosens after a day or so.

The Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka tried to defend the glueless envelopes at a press conference by saying that they were “technically a highly complex” as local media speculate about whether it was sabotage. verlust/220.590.040


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