We are living in a time of unprecedented revelation. Buried and concealed truths about how our political and economic systems really work are being uncovered and unveiled on an almost daily basis through leaks and the new media.  And so I thought I would share with you a quote from a Church father called Hermas on the spirit of the truth, which I just happened to read today.

“Again [the Shepherd] said to me, “Love the truth, and do not let anything except the truth come from your mouth so that the spirit that God has placed in your flesh may be found truthful by everyone. And the Lord who lives in you will be glorified, because the Lord is truthful in every word, and in him is no falsehood. They, therefore, who lie negate the Lord and rob him, not giving back to him the deposit that they have received. For they received from him a spirit free from falsehood. If they give him back this spirit untruthful, they pollute the commandment of the Lord and become robbers.” SHEPHERD OF HERMAS 2.3.27

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