Failing Tsipras unleashes attack dog and party hack on critical journalists

Greek Government Tries to Turn Society Against Journalists

By Philip Chrysopoulos – Sep 14, 2016

Since the Q&A between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and ALPHA TV journalist Evangelia Tsikrika during his speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair, the Greek government has started an open war against media and journalists who criticize its policies.

After Tsipras lambasted Tsikrika for telling him that the decision to auction four television licenses would lead to the closing of the station she works for and send her to the unemployment line, Maximos Mansion has declared war against media and journalists who question the administration’s performance.

The “Army General” of this unofficial war is the outspoken Deputy Health Minister Pavlos Polakis, who launches daily attacks against the press and individual journalists on his facebook account. Using offensive language that verges on hate mongering, he tries to turn his followers against the “bootlickers,” “maids,” and “media pimps” who try to “assassinate his character.” The man who in the past said publicly that a reporter who corrected a verbal mistake of his was being sarcastic and “he should be put six feet under.”

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