UK PM Theresa May battles for freedom of speech, better education, more objective BBC

UK Prime Ministry Theresa May has criticised the concept of “safe spaces” designed to ensure debate does not cause offence to students in universities.

She called the concept “quite extraordinary”, suggesting they could stifle innovation of thought and harm the country’s economic and social development.

May’s intervention in support of free speech comes after she supported grammar schools, a move which will raise education standards around the country.

May has also forced the chair of the BBC to step down after  in another welcome sign that she is serious about making the UK’s flagship broadcaster more free and independent.

Fairhead is a former Financial Times chief executive and has served on the boards of a number of multinational companies including the bank HSBC, embroiled in a drug money laundering scandal.

Under her tenure, the  BBC has been widely criticised for manipulating public opinion in support of the globalist agenda, pushing the EU, “man-made climate change,” support for Hillary Clinton, and opposing Brexit, Trump, grammar schools.

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