Breitbart Contributor to sue Soros backed newspaper for smear campaign puts spotlight on Soros’ vast media network, one fund has invested $153 million in 100 newspapers in 39 countries since 1996 alone

Breitbart Contributor To Sue Soros-Backed Newspaper In Alleged Defamation Claim

From Breitbart

Breitbart contributor Matthew Tyrmand is taking one of Poland’s biggest newspapers, Gazeta Wyborcza, to court over alleged defamation.
Recently propped up by a capital group affiliated with the mass migration, liberal super-funder George Soros, the case against the newspaper is now looking to be one of the highest profile in recent Polish legal history.

Tyrmand, who has written at length about Mr. Soros’s attempts at destabilising the rightward shifting democratic Poland, has been accused of “mafia membership” and “sympathy for [Vladimir] Putin” – particularly heinous charges in Poland, a country that still wrestles with its historic relationship with the former Soviet Union.

The Soros-funded Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) now owns an 11.22 per cent stake in the newspaper’s holding company.

MDIF bizarrely accepted reduced voting rights on the company’s board – an unconventional move for an “investor” in a struggling business.

And MDIF itself declares that it “has invested more than $153 million in over 100 independent news businesses in 39 countries since 1996” and so is clearly a substantial global player.

Tyrmand told TVP, a Polish national television channel, that he intended to take the alleged defamers to court in order to “open up a public debate regarding the role of the media in Poland as well as the influence of George Soros on the Polish media and, by extension, on the public opinion in Poland”.

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