George Soros bullies candidate out of US District Attorney race in new phase of systematic take over of US justice using money and smears

The Republican candidate for Henry County District Attorney dropped out of the race Tuesday, citing a large political donation to his opponent from an organization connected to well-known financier George Soros.

Matt McCord announced his withdrawal from the race effective immediately, after apparently learning of a six-figure donation to assist his Democrat opponent, Darius Pattillo.

“Campaign financing is a real issue in this country that must be tackled. George Soros, a Washington D.C., billionaire has invested $100,000 in my opponent’s campaign as he has many other localized campaigns across the country,” McCord further stated. “If the money was all we were up against, it may be different. But with the involvement of the Soros camp, history tells us they will win at all costs — two months filled with personal attacks on my family and an infusion of negativity into this great county. All from someone who has no affiliation with Henry County. That’s not what this election should be about.”

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