Prosecutors probe whether wife of Greek bank governor was funnelled black funds by Disease Control Center

Greece’s prosecutors ordered a search of the house and company offices of Stavroula Nikolopoulou, the wife of the Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras, in connection to the alleged mismanagement of more than 1 million euros in state funding by the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention, KEELPNO.

“As part of that probe, they are looking into whether a consortium including advertising company Mindwork Business Solutions Ltd, which is owned by Lina Nikolopoulou-Stournaras, wrongly secured a contract with KEELPNO in 2011,” reports Reuters.

The Press Project reports that shell advertising companies seem to be used to funnel bribes in Greece between the government and banks to mass media and journalists.

“Our research has uncovered a complex network of advertising businesses, many of which do not exist on the real market. They are supposed to operate in the field of communications, but do not even have email addresses -they exist only as signatures.

In most cases we can not find evenone mention of their owners on the Internet, and none of them seems to use social media.

What we have revealed is thus a mechanism for money laundering, or at least another mechanism for transferring money within the triangle of corruption, from the government and banks to mass media outlets and well-known journalists. 

It is well known that in Greece advertising is often used as a way of keeping mouths shut. It seems that mouths do indeed stay shut when they’re stuffed with millions of euros.”


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