Soros puppet Geoffrey Pyatt assumes new role as US ambassador to Greece

Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to the Ukraine, who was caught on tape plotting the coup against the democratically elected president with top diplomat, Victoria Nuland, has taken up his position in Athens.

He has tweeted his first picture of himself in his new post.


In an earlier tweet, Pyatt says he looks forward to partnering with Congress in promoting the interests of Greece. Hopefully Representative Carolyn Maloney of the House oversight committee warned Pyatt during their meeting that his days of drawing a salaray as an ambassador while secretly running a private government for the special interests of Billionaire George Soros are over.

This blog looks forward to Pyatt tweeting pictures of any meetings with Soros or his associates.

Hacked documents have revealed that Pyatt virtually ruled the Ukraine on behalf of George Soros thereafter, targeting the top prosecutor.

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