George Soros pumps more money into Hillary’s imploding campaign as fears grow he will try to steal the election

George Soros, Hillary Clinton’s single biggest donor, is to pump another 2.5 million dollars into her presidential campaign in a vain attempt to keep it alive.

Plagued by ill health, coughting fits and falls, Hillary has  now decided to take a break of six days from the campaign trail.

Not that anyone much will notice. Hillary’s recent rallies have been attended by minimal numbers of people even though the election is now only about six weeks away.

In fact, Donald Trump was perhaps the only person to notice Hillary was about to go AWOL for almost a week. He responded by graciously wishing her a good rest.

Let’s hope Hillary has the strength to continue to dole out her cash for favours programme to keep her much needed donations coming in as her chances of becoming president evaporate. Hillary appointed 194 donors to the Clintons to state department advisory boards, it has emerged. That’s a lot of paperwork for her to do. No wonder she is so exhausted.

Meanwhile, the dramatic collapse in support for Soros puppet Hillary is fuelling fears that Soros will try to steal the election.

Hacked documents from Soros’ Open Society Foundation show he has been trying to expand the use of electronic and online voting systems, which can easily be hacked.

In November last year, Soros purchased a stake in a huge software company in the Ukraine, Ciklum Holding Ltd, which is potentially capable of conducting a vast hacking operation against the US electronic voting IT systems.

“Ciklum employs more than 2,500 programmers in Ukraine and other countries. Like U.S.-traded EPAM Systems Inc. and Luxoft Holding Inc., the company’s business model is betting on cheaper engineering talent from Central and Eastern Europe to develop software for the U.S. and Western Europe,” reports Bloomberg.

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