Globalist Pope calls anti immigration journalism terrorism

Pope Francis has called journalism that takes a critical view of mass migrants from radical Islamic countries a kind of terrorism.

Just after Globalist Cardinal Christoph Schonborn  said there could be an Islamic conquest of Europe, Francis claimed that warnings that Europe cannot integrate so many radical Muslims as “fear mongering.”

Francis said reporters had to go the extra mile to seek the truth, particularly in an age of round-the-clock news coverage.

Shame Francis did not berate Australian TV for its hatchet job on Cardinal George Pell, the Donald Trump of the Catholic Church, who dared to try to audit the Vatican bank only to find himself blocked and stripped of power.

On 27 July 2016, a TV station broadcast unsubstantiated allegations by two dodgy types that George Pell behaved improperly with respect to two boys at a pool some four decades ago.

A third man complained that Pell had exhibited himself naked in the Torquay Surf Life Saving Club change rooms in the early 1980s. This person told Fairfax Media that (then) Fr Pell was the “local priest” at Torquay. George Pell was never the local priest at Torquay.

Victoria Police have been unable to act on the claims because there is no proof other than these three dodgy and wrong statements fourty years later.

Unable to force Pell to resign after Australian TV and Victoria Police did not go the extra mile for truth, the Pope was forced to cancel the audit of the Vatican bank, revealing his true colours.

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