Hillary’s debate with Trump expected to be watched by 100 million people on Monday. Will she collapse or drop out?

If presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has a coughing fit or any other medical crisis during Monday’s debate with Donald Trump, she will have to power through, Infowars reports.


Clinton could hardly fill a room in Orlando, underlining that there is no support for her in the real world as opposed to the media world.

Pictures show an empty parking lot, a small room filled mostly with secret service men and the press.




Monday’s show down with Trump, on the other hand, could gain 100 million viewers, making it the biggest political event in history. If Hillary collapses live on TV or does not show up, it will be the end of her campaign run.

Clearly aware of the  risk, Hillary has taken an unprecedented five day rest from the campaign trail in the run up to the debate.

As Donald Trump gets into his stride, looking relaxed, sharp and energetic, and giving statesman like speeches, Hillary is facing potential meltdown in front of at least 100 million people.

Even if she manages to avoid fainting or doubling over in a coughing fit lasting ten minutes, she still has to contend with the scandals surrounding her shadow government run on a secret email server for her donors, specifically George Soros, the  corruption of her Clinton Foundation, her support for Isis and a whole series of failed policies.

On top of that, a spate of Islamic radical terrorist attacks  on US soil and the spectacle of Sweden collapsing into lawlessness through migrant crime and violence is bringing home to Americans what her  support for Isis and open doors policy will mean in practise.

If Trump manages to show up the corruption of Clinton and also offer a positive vision, a sensible, programme, a unifying message of hope for all Americans irrespective of colour, race and creed, he will win by a 90% margin in November. That’s my bet.



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