Epic debate tonight between Trump and Hillary to rival the Super Bowl in viewership

Hillary Clinton has reappeared in public for the debate tonight looking very frail. She descended a few steps gripping a rail and wrapped up in a thick coat sparking speculation mounts of whether she will have a health episode during the first of three televised debates tonight predicted to rival the Super Bowl in viewer numbers.



The debate, taking place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, from 9 to 10:30 p.m EST, which will be streamed live on Infowars, comes as the opportunistic Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald Trump in a clear sign that top establishment insiders expect him to win and are jostling for his favour.

The debate is widely seen as the most dramatic and epic in modern US political history. For the first time, a candidate, Donald Trump is campaigning on an anti Globalist platform.  Using the power of the internet and new media, Trump has redefined the political landscape and made attacking the Globalists and their agenda his target. He has pledged to dismantle the corporate and banker New World Order in the USA and restore prosperity and security.

Hillary Clinton is a Globalist candidate. Her single biggest donor is George Soros. She has made her career in the theatrical arena of the false right and left wing paradigm projected by the mainstream media and faced few serious challenges until now from fake opponents.

Apart from her ill health, her robotic reflexes will make it hard for her to grapple with the individualistic Trump.



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