Watch historic debate live at Infowars. After Brexit and Russia has partially left the New World Order, the USA is set to follow under a President Donald Trump spelling the final death blow to the Globalist plan for a One World Government

 TONIGHT tune into starting at 7pm Central for live coverage of the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It’s the first major debate of the election, it’s 90 minutes long, and we are airing it in it’s entirely commercial-free with our own real-time analysis of Hillary’s LIES and omissions to help you separate the truth from the false narrative the mainstream media wants you to believe.

Will Hillary even make it through the night, or will she collapse on stage due to her failing health?

It’s going to be a rough night for Hillary.

For example, the presidential debate commission denied Hillary her request for a step-stool at her podium, according to the Drudge Report, and as Infowars reported in Aug., Hillary cannot give a long speech without having a step-stool – or a Secret Service agent – to lean on for support.

And, Infowars has learned that influential Democrats will pressure Hillary to drop out of the race if she has a bad showing at the debate.

So, again, tune into starting at 7pm Central TONIGHT, Monday, Sept. 26 for live coverage of the presidential debate.

It’s a very historic time to be alive.

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