Crooked Greek clergy corrupting justice officials visit Areios Pagos President

The head of the Greek Orthodox church Ieronymous today visited the Supreme Court in Athens, the Areios Pagos, ostensibly to bless the work of the justice officials. But he may also have sought to find out information about the new investigation ordered by the Areios Pagos into the crimes against me committed by Orthodox clergy, including multiple counts of attempted homicide, or to influence it.

Ieronymous dared to lecture the honest president Vasiliki Thanou about the need to uphold the law when it is the Orthodox clergy who are becoming notorious for corrupting police and prosecutors as my own case shows.

It was Vatopedi monastery’s pet prosecutor at the Supreme Court, Efstathia Spyropoulou, who covered up the crimes of Larisa police and prosecutors in March, and who then launched a smear charge against Vasiliki Thanou on behalf of Vatopedli’s house banker Andreas Vgenopoulos in spite of the fact that the future and the very survival of Greece could depend on having honest justice officials.

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