Tsipras’ junior partner bats for Orthodox church, “soul of corruption” in Greece

Panos Kammenos, Greece’s defence minister, who threatened to open the country’s borders and send Islamic terrorists to Europe in March last year and then actually did so, has pledged to block an attempt to change the religious studies curricula.

The content of school religious studies is under the control of the Greek Orthodox church, which operates more like a mafia or criminal transnational corporation as the Vatopedi and Marfin scandal and my own case show.

Michael Lewis wrote in 2010 that Vatopedi monastery had been identified “in a perfectly corrupt society … (as) the soul of corruption.”


Clearly, any attempt to get students to think about religion or even just to think for themselves on any matter at all is going to be a threat to the Orthodox church. It relies on indoctrination and instilling the habit of obedience to create an environment favourable to its gigantic crimes.



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