Russia rejects MH17 report as biased

Russia has rejected the report by Dutch and Ukrainian investigators claiming that it downed the MH17 plane in 2014 as biased and politically motivated because it ignored Russian evidence that the Ukraine is responsible.

The USA and Ukraine have refused to release radar data, strongly suggesting the notion they have something to hide

Bjorn from Sweden focuses on more irregularities. He writes…

alongside the video documented corpses of half rotten passenger & crew corpses* from MH370
*documented by ANNA News at crash site in Ukraine hours after the downing of the Malaysian Airways jetliner  

How could 30mm cannon bullets & missile shrapnel have penetrated the cockpit hull and preserved captain Wan Amram in almost “pristine” condition?? 
Besides, the inwards and outwards pointing edges of the holes in the hull show the jetliner was fired at from both sides of the (0:40 into clip)

Cockpit photos in above links refute statements of captain Wan Amram’s sister:
On July 17th Russia Today published its documentary “MH17: a year without truth“. In this video the younger and older sister of captain Wan Amran were interviewed. 
The younger  sister tells the interviewer that she identified her brother at Hilversum (where all the victims’ bodies were investigated) and brought the body home to Malaysia.

wan amran en           zus

She tells that she was shown a full length photo of her brother and she was able to identify him. His body wasn’t damaged, only slightly burned. 
The older sister then tells that on arrival in Malaysia the government allowed no one to open the coffins.

Bjorn adds…

However I have no time to check whether I’ve mixed up some positions of the attached (blue) links! 
Please check before posting and let your own “researching source” stay anonymous 😉

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