Will homicidal Abbess Theodekti try to escape to Estonia to evade justice?

Potentially facing charges of multiple counts of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, Theodekti, Theoniki and the Bishop of Volos may seek to use the escape route offered by Orthodox monasteries abroad to flee from justice in Larisa.

Theodekti, in particular, might seek to flee by going to her Skete in Estonia. Under Greek law, the accused can ask for a postponement twice and for up to seven months each time. Theodekti might seek to misuse this provision designed for emergencies like a hospital operation to evade justice.

That is why I asked the Areios Pagos in an email today to take steps to ensure that this homicidal woman is not allowed to leave Greece under any pretext. Her crimes are too serious, she evaded justice for too long. She needs to be clapped in jail for the safety of society and my safety and soon.

I also sent the Areios Pagos copies of my civil complaint and an investigative plan I submitted to the first prosecutor in Larisa detailing which witnesses should be questioned and on what topics.

A copy of my email



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