Donald Trump is to take tips about how debate Hillary Clinton from the very doubtful Nigel Farage.

My debate tip for Trump is this: he should take the bias of the moderator Lester Holt into account, take whatever questions Holt fields and direct them to the areas Trump wants to talk about, such as immigration, the corrupt Clinton foundation, Hillary’s secret email server and the deletion of 33,000 emails, Benghazi etc by putting the question in a bigger context.

For example, if Holt asks Trump

“Do you have the temperament to be Commander in Chief?”

Trump can reframe the question to include a vital point and reply something like:

“Look, I am a policy driven person. I have policies I intend to implement such as securing our borders and stopping a massive influx of migrants from the Middle East, migrants that Hillary intends to bring in, with the disastrous consequences we are now seeing in Europe. Violent crime is surging. Terrorism is becoming a huge problem. And I have other policies such as bringing back jobs to America.

So back to your question about my temperament , well it is pretty irrelevant. I am focussed on policies. on getting things done, on results. If I have a passion for policies, for policies which make America great again, that is not a temperament problem for me, but an asset. Passion, enthusiasm to make America great again, prosperous, free again is something I am proud to have. I’ve always had that passion, a passion for our great country, our great constitution, for our right to free speech, for our right to carry arms.

Now, I have laid out a comprehensive policy platform and if the people of America elect me I will make the changes they want. I will end TTP, will build up our armed forces for our defense, will use diplomacy and not destruction abroad to stop more failed states in the Middle East, which is creating a tsunami of refugees. If I am President, I will be focussed on results, the best results for the people of America, on getting back jobs, on ensuring security.”

The one thing Trump should not do is answer Holt’s questions on Holt’s terms. Holt is asking irrelevant, biased or personally insulting questions or taking things out of context.

To even attempt answer those questions is to descend to the trivial, at best.  Trumps needs to contextualize and reframe the question to drive home the reasons why Hillary would be a disaster for the USA and then tie up with picking up the original question and saying it was irrelevant etc.

If for another example, Holt asks Trump

“Are you close to Vladimir Putin?”

Trump could reframe the question  and answer:

“Sorry, but I am in no way as close to Russia as Hillary Clinton who signed a deal giving Russia control of important Uranium resources. Mind you, it would be unfair to call Hillary a secret Russian agent since she sells out US interests to whoever donates to her Clinton Foundation. It’s true. The foundation gives just 5% to charity. The list of foreign donors who got favours from Clinton is a mile long and includes the Chinese.

So, to answer your question, no, I am definitely not as close to Russia as Hillary. That said, I am trying to avoid a World War Three and so is Putin. I think the Americans will support me in trying to avoid yet another war destructive to our country’s real interests, a war which could even turn nuclear.

We want our military to serve US interests and not a military industrial and banking complex that wants war with Russia for their profit. Everyone knows hedge funders like George Soros want war with Russia. Soros virtually controls the Ukraine as we know from hacked documents. He’s trying to get the confrontation with Russia going for his financial interests, not America’s. I will not be a cash for favours president like Hillary. I will not sell out the USA to the highest bidder. The billionaires know it and that’s why they give her twenty times more money than me.”

Or, if for example, Holt asks Trump

“Why do spread the conspiracy theory of election fraud?”

Trump could reply:

“It’s not a theory. Look at Austria where they are having to re run the presidential election because of voter fraud. And now they’ve had to delay the re run because of more voter fraud.

And you know what? The Billionaires like Soros who support Hillary don’t want Austria to close its borders. They don’t want a candidate to get in who has pledged to stop the tsunami of migrants who have entered the country in the past year from radical Muslim countries, including terrorists.

Do you know what the Bavarian Minister Horst Seehofer said? He made it clear Germany could have 3 to 9 million Muslim migrants from the last surge alone if you include all the family members expected to come.

That’s nearly a tenth of the population. And Hillary wants to bring this to the USA? She wants to open our borders to uncontrolled immigration.

Do you know Malmo in Sweden has 40% Muslims living there. Soon, there will be 50,60,80,90 %. There will be no Swedes in Malmo. And what about the capital Stockholm? What when Muslims reach 40% there? Or higher? No wonder Swedish TV is showing ads telling Swedes their futures is wearing Muslim dress? Do you want that for the USA? Ten million Muslims? A hundred million next year? There are a lot of people waiting to come here, not least because of the failed policies of Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Look what she did to Libya? Turned it into rubble. The media call me racist. No, I want the Muslims to be able to stay in their own country, to flourish there.

But back to your question of voter fraud. The Austrians have paper ballots. We have electronic voting machines. They can be hacked more easily. I am a democrat and I want every vote to count. Every American who goes to vote in November should be sure their vote counts. Facts is, vote rigging is taking place right now on a huge scale in Austria and every real democrat has to discuss vote rigging.”

For example, if Holt asks Trump

“Do you see why not everyone loves guns as much as you?”

Trump could reply:

“Who said I love guns? Guns are effective forms of protection. They reduce violent crime. To be able to carry a gun is a privilege Americans have because of the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers recognized that the first thing that tyrants did was to seize the weapons of people. Look at the history of Nazi Germany when Hitler went for guns of people so they could not resist him and his brown shirts. Hundreds of thousands of Germans were put in prison by Hitler and many died.

So back to your question. Guns, used responsibly, as our Constitution states, offer the average American protection against violent crime and tyranny. I am in favour of security and freedom.”

For example, if Holt asks Trump

“You have claimed the media is rigged. On what basis?”

Trump could reply:

“Lester, have you read the statistics and comments about your targeting of me during the last debate? How many interruptions? 41 to me, like six times more than Hillary. You are just one example why trust in the media has fallen to new lows with all due respect, Lester. It has to be said.”

Holt will, no doubt, try to interrupt Trump continuously. In which case, Trump can, with a devastatingly calm and polite demeanour, address the interruptions, saying things like.

“Excuse me, Lester, I haven’t quite finished yet. The 100 million or so people watching this debate have tuned in to hear what I think and Hillary thinks, not you with all due respect and I realize being an objective moderator is hard. But that’s why we are here. So that I and Hillary have a chance to tell the American people what I plan to do as a president and why. Now will you, please, let me finish what I was saying. I m talking about an important part of my policies. Thank you, Lester.”


“Lester, I really would appreciate it if you allowed the people watching this debate to hear me out on a very important policy point without interrupting me every few seconds. It sure feels like that to me”


“Lester, I will stop talking if you ask Hillary about the Clinton Foundation, email scandal, secret server and cash for favours programme? Do we have a deal? That’s a fair deal in my view.”

And if Lester Holt continues, Trump could turn to Hillary and graciously ask her for her help by saying something like…

“Hillary, you have a close relationship to Lester. He hardly ever interrupts you or fact checks you, if you call it that when he gets the facts all wrong, so could you ask Lester to stop interrupting me. Could you, Hillary? Tell him to stop. Thanks.”

As for the fact checking, Trump can offer to tweet any links or factual documents to support his views the next day, all the time maintaining a calm, concentrated and polite demeanour, and say something like

“Lester, I am sure you have made a factual error with all due respect. I know, I will dig out the document and post on twitter tomorrow. People should understand  my policies are based on facts. I am offering real solutions to real problems. I have thought about my policies carefully.”




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