Donald Trump’s microphone sabotaged during debate admits Commission

The Commission on Presidential Debates seemed to confirm that Trump’s microphone was defective resulting in the fact that he couldn’t be properly heard during the debate with Hillary Clinton.

Sabotaging the sound system was kind of thing happened to me all the time when I went on the fake alternative media to warn people about the swine flu vaccine. Defective microphones, barely audible soundtracks, manipulated film and photos, and a plethora of fake facebook sites etc.

The Globalist New World Order are psychopathic control freaks who use every “media” they can to smear their opponents, and, boy, was I subjected to a gigantic smear campaign, which didn’t , however, work.

Only 3% of the Austrians, for example, took the swine flu vaccine in spite of twenty four mainstream media and government propaganda urging them to take it.

In my view, the Commission has to do more than admit that Trump’s microphone was defective. It should find out who caused his mic to be defective and hold them to account.



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