Is the new UK ambassador to Greece a Globalist? Has worked for Shell, UN, biological warfare section…

Kate Smith, who has worked as a top level government advisor to Globalist companies such as Shell, was appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Greece in succession to  John Kittmer on June 1st 2016. Smith will take up her appointment during January 2017, and no doubt will seek to establish a close working relation with Soros puppet and new US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt.

Smith was also the Foreign office Head of Chemical and Biological Weapons Section, Counter Proliferation Department before switching to the UK Mission to the UN, whose health watchdog WHO has been at the centre of several false flag pandemics and attempts to trigger global mass vaccination campaigns with experimental jabs.

John Donovan wrote an email to Shell in 2012 asking about Smith’s revolving door move from Shell back to the foreign office.


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