European Council President Donald Tusk could soon be charged for his role in the cover up of Smolensk massacre, says Poland. More turmoil for failing EU

“In Poland, proceedings in the Sejm [parliament] and by the prosecutor’s office are pending, which could lead to charges being brought against [Tusk]. Should such a person be at the forefront of the European Council? I have profound doubts,” Kaczyński was quoted as saying.
He added that Poland’s stance might not have a decisive effect on whether Tusk – a former Polish prime minister – manages to retain his position in the key European Union post.
Kaczyński added that another term for Tusk in Brussels would be “very risky, especially for the European Union”.
“We should warn the EU against potential problems,” Kaczyński said, claiming that Poland did not gain anything from Tusk’s term as head of the council.
Some PiS MPs have said they want to question Tusk on cases related to the Amber Gold pyramid scheme scandal, and the 2010 presidential plane crash in Smolensk, western Russia.,Poland-will-not-back-second-term-by-Tusk-in-European-Council-PiS-chief

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