Watch Theresa May give key conference speech live, highlighting need for fairness and justice

Watch Theresa May give a key conference speech in which she is expected to reframe the debate about migrants.

George Soros and his media, NGOs, and organizations have been setting the talking points. As a result, anyone who questions the mass influx of migrants into Europe engineered by Soros and the Globalists is immediately accused of being a “racist” and a “xenophobe” by the mainstream media talking heads.

The trendies also all repeat the same talking points regarding migration even as Sweden’s left Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom is warning the country is facing collapse because of mass influx of migrants.

The city of Malmo now has 40% foreigners, most of them Muslims, where crime is so out of control the police have given up on many areas.

The debate needs to be placed on more rational footing. The Brits and Swedes also have rights, the right to live in their own country, the right to jobs.

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