Larisa court to hear civil defamation case against me tomorrow. Brazen attempt to misuse defamation laws to silence my right to freedom of the press

Tomorrow Larisa court will hear the civil defamation lawsuit filed against me by a lawyer friend of Konstantinos Christopoulos in February.   

The lawsuit is without any basis and a brazen attempt to misuse defamation laws to intimidate me and silence the media, something which a Larisa judge recognized in April when she refused to grant a temporary injunction.

Under new rules which came into force in January, I cannot represent myself in a civil court in Greece but must use a lawyer as an intermediary, which meant that I had to keep getting a postponement at Larisa court for my case to be heard with a lawyer.

By contrast, in the criminal case against Theodekti and her associates for their murder attempts against me because of my journalism activities, I can, and I will, represent myself in court without a lawyer.

The lawyer has maliciously removed all the evidence in my blog posts in his submissions to the court, and deliberately misrepresented my statements to claim I have said things I never did say.

The case concerns a blog post in February in which I made only factual claims or carefully worded and qualified claims about  the lawyer friend of Konstantinos Christpoulos. Claims based on facts and evidence are protected by laws on freedom of media and speech.

That the lawyer is misusing defamation laws to try to suppress the exposure of wrongdoing is shown by the fact that he is asking for blog posts to be removed that do not mention him at all but refer to Alexis Tsipras and the Saatchi Bill and also document the wrong doing of my former lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos, police officers and prosecutors in Larisa.

Furthermore, my claim that the lawyer seemed to have a close working relationship with Christopoulos and Theodekti has been substantiated by the way XX then chose these two as his witnesses for his civil defamation case against me.

Also, Theodekti made a statement under oath as his witness, namely that Theoktisti had no knowledge of my blog, which I could prove to be false. This underlines that Theodekti is a liar whose claim not to know the lawyer can be taken with a pinch of salt.

My allegations of the wrong doing of Christopoulos, police officers and prosecutors is backed up by solid evidence. As a result, the Areios Pagos has ordered an investigation into them.


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