As Trump victory nears, fears of election fraud grow

Major Election Fraud Alert – Is This How They Are Going To Steal The Election From Donald Trump?

If we will not fight election fraud, we might as well not even have any elections.

Michael Snyder Economic Collapse –  October 7, 2016

Every ounce of effort that ordinary Americans have put into getting Donald Trump elected could be completely wasted if we allow them to steal the election. 

If you have confidence in the integrity of our elections, that confidence will be shaken by the time you are done reading this article, because I am about to share some information with you that is absolutely astounding.  Yesterday, I showed you that dead people are being registered to vote right now and that they have been voting in elections across the country for years.  I also showed you that illegal immigrants have been voting in important swing states such as Virginia and Pennsylvania.  But all of that pales in comparison to the evidence of systematic election fraud that we witnessed on election day in 2012.

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