A Greek prosecutor has called for the indictment of CIA agent William Bazil who is implicated in a phone tapping scandal and an assassination plot against former Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis.

The indictment will spotlight the activities of the US embassy, which is believed to have been at the heart of the wiretapping operation, and this, at a time when controversial US ambassdor Geoffrey Pyatt assumes his new job in Athens.

Hacked documents from the Open Society Foundation have revealed that the best known New World Order Globalist George Soros virtually ruled Ukraine through Pyatt after a organizing a coup d etat there against the elected president in 2014.

It is to be feared that Pyatt, in alliance with the new UK ambassador Katie Smith, appointed in June when Globalist David Cameron was still in office, could attempt to overthrow any new government that is elected after Alexis Tsipras and that seeks to be more independent of the New World Order and form closer ties with Russia.

The assassination of Karamanlis was allegedly ordered because he sought closer ties with Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Katie Smith, a biological weapons expect, is due to assume her new role in January.

From Wikipedia:

The wiretapping case is a major corruption issue concerning the Karamanlis’ years in office as Prime Minister of Greece, during and after the 2004 Summer Olympics, and was revealed in 2005. According to the investigation carried out by the anti-corruption magistrate, the wiretapping system was set up by an American secret agent to eavesdrop on top Greek government officials, and the existence of an assassination plot against Karamanlis because of his attempts to pursue closer relations with Russia, which caused the United States displeasure, is confirmed.[16]

The pressure for neutralization or even murder of Karamanlis is called the “Pythias Plan”, in order to stop the rapprochement between Greece and Russia in a number of crucial sectors,[17] including the Burgas–Alexandroupoli pipeline project for transportation of Russian oil to Greece, which was eventually abandoned. The case is also associated with the scandal of the “Silver Drachma Plan”, referring to the 2012 connections between a close aide of George Papandreou and Mexican businessman Julio Salinas Price, on Greece’s exit from the Eurozone and the introduction of a Greek national currency, partly covered by silver, which would have cost Greece 70 billion euros.[17]
According to the report, the rapprochement between Greece and Russia provoked action by the United States to avert agreements for Russian pipelines, leading to the gradual abandonment of the plans by Athens and its commitment to the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), as well as the cancellation of plans to acquire Russian military equipment. – See more at:


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