Hearing of my civil defamation case at Larisa today, wait for the verdict

My case came up as number 26 out of a total of 46 cases heard in one of the courtrooms of the civil court in Larisa today. Together with my lawyer, I waited for my turn to present my evidence that a lawyer from Thessaloniki misused civil defamation charges to try to suppress my freedom of the media. The judge listened to both sides, took evidence and will deliver her verdict in due course.

Readers of my blog will be familiar with this case. It had to be constantly postponed because of a very, very long lawyer’s strike. The lawyer from Thessaloniki,broke the strike to file the lawsuit putting me at a severe disadvantage and forcing me to go almost every week in person to get a postponement together with a lawyer.  New rules in force since January mean I cannot represent myself in a civil court.I must have a lawyer.

When his request for a temporary injunction was heard in April, it was rejected by a reasonable and fair judge. But the postponements went on and on…

Altogether, it was an agreeably relaxing day in court and my case and the submission of evidence was dealt with in ten minutes, although I will hand in all my police files on Monday. It is not clear when the actual verdict will be delivered.


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