Germany’s state run TV companies threaten to jail single mother if does not pay compulsory fee even though she has never had a TV

A German single mother has been threatened with arrest if she does not pay obligatory TV license, even though she has never had a TV

The woman, who has an arrest warrant issued against her and could be sent to jail any day, has a seven year old daughter.

Since January, German households have had to pay a compulsory monthly broadcasting license fee of €17.98, regardless of whether they own a television or radio for the propagand public broadcasters ARD and ZDF.

Anyone who refuses to pay or cannot pay faces jail.

One woman in Thuringia has to spend two months in jail because she refused to pay for the fee and owed 191 euros.

In 2014, the ARD and ZDF issued seizure orders against 4.5 million bank accounts from people, institutions and companies who refused to pay the fee or could not.

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