Media silent on Bill Clinton’s rapes, Hillary’s perversion of justice to get a rapist who put a 12 year old girl in a coma off the hook, her laughter about her lies, and focuses on Trump’s harmless remarks

Donald Trump has published a video message on his Facebook feed early Saturday morning following the release of an audio recording from 2005 where Trump made lewd comments captured on a hot microphone, apologizing and calling the focus disportionate.

Trump is an angel compared to rapist Bill Clinton, caught on video assaulting an assistant. If this is what Clinton does in the presence of another man and camera, it is easy to imagine that the many accounts of his brutal rape given by victims and witnesses are all too true.

Hillary Clinton has protected Bill Clinton and smeared his victims.

As a young lawyer in Arkansas she manipulated and vanished evidence needed to convict a man who raped a twelve year old girl so brutally that she was in a coma for five days. In a audio later, she can be heard laughing about her actions.

As someone who has to deal with a host of crooked lawyers and prosecutors acting as hired assassins here in Larisa, I can only say, Hillary is a match for them all.

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