My questions asking crooked Larisa first prosecutor whether she has investigated her own crimes. Some justice from the Areios Pagos

dimitraHanded in my questions to the crooked first prosecutor Dimitra Papachristou of Larisa court to day asking whether she had questioned any witnesses yet.

I will go tomorrow to get an answer, and if she refuses me one, the next day and the next day.

I have rights too. I have a right to due process. I have a right to have people who have committed serious crimes against me investigated and put in jail. I have a right to have that done speedily.

I will not accept another murder attempt made against me under the pretext of administering the law by the appallingly first prosecutor Dimitra Papachristou and her thugs.

God only knows what the Areios Pagos is thinking by putting this crook in charge of her own investigation! What incentive does she have to find facts convicting herself? None.

If they kill me in Larisa, it will not be suicide, dear readers. It will have been the crooked Greek clergy, the corrupt lawyers, prosecutors and the incompetent Areios Pagos.

That they have asked the culprits to investigate their own crimes after all that has happened is unreal.


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