Proof the first prosecutor in Larisa colluded to set me up for a lethal penalty while trying to lure me to court. Questionable how she can be asked to investigate her own crimes

The first prosecutor of Larisa, Dimitra Papachristou, colluded with police and Orthodox clergy to cover up the murder attempt against me and to set me up for a lethal penalty.

Anyone who thinks the rigged justice systems run by the Globalists are funny should go through what I have experienced here in Larisa. As a result, I really empathize with Bill Clinton’s rape victims. The amount of effort I have had to expend to stop myself ending up being murdered by corrupt clergy police and prosecutors here, let alone get justice, was incredible.

Anyway, I have found more proof of the systematic corruption. A Greek ministry of interior letter instructing police to suppress all essential witnesses, question a fake person alongside the culprits Theodekti and Theonike not under oath, mentions the first prosecutor of Larisa as the contact person.


A close up…


I found out in April, the penal penalty against Theodekti and Theoniki included no evidence at all except the witness statements of Theodekti and Theoniki, a biased and a non essential witness, which would have allowed someone like Papachristou to order my immediate forcible confinement in a psychiatric unit in Greece where my murder would have been framed a suicide. In short, Theodekti and Theoniki were allowed to repeat their original crime.

The Greek clergy, police and prosecutors are more lethal, more despicable, more dangerous than Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their rape victims were not set up for state organized murder under the pretext they were mentally ill, at least, as part of a cover up.

It is very doubtful how this criminal woman can be expected to investigate her own crimes when she has every incentive to try to silence me and set me up for murder again along with her crooked colleagues.

I just hope the Areios Pagos knows what it’s doing in assigning the case to her or I could well still end up dead instead of getting justice.

To see how the crooked first prosecutor is getting along, I have prepared some simple questions for her to answer today when I submit more evidence for my civil case.

The prosecutors lied to me before about the investigation so this time I will want to see the witness statements and the files.

10 10 2016

Αγαπητή Δήμητρα Παπαχρήστου,

Εισαγγελέας ΠρωτοδικώνΛάρισας

Ποια μάρτυρες έχουν αμφισβητηθεί;

Βασικοί μάρτυρες για τα γεγονότα της 19ης, 20ης Απριλίου 2015 που αναφέρονται στις αναφορές της αστυνομίας αλλά δεν έχουν υποβληθεί ακόμα σε ανάκριση



1: Θεοκτίστη (Nicola Emsley)

2: Θεοσώστη

3: Θεοσέμνη

4: Θεονύμφη

5: Θέκλα

6: Θεοδόξη

7: Θεοφάνη

8: Αγγελική Κομνηνού

Βασικοί μάρτυρες για τα γεγονότα της 27ης Απριλίου 2015, και έπειτα, που πρέπει να υποβληθούν σε ανάκριση



9: Επίσκοπος Ιγνάτιος του Βόλου

10: Θεοκτίστη (Nicola Emsley)

11: Θεοδέκτί

12: Κωνσταντίνος Χριστόπουλος

13: Χριστίνα Φασούλα

14: Ευάγγελος Τουτούνας

Θα ήθελα την απάντηση σήμερα.


Jane Burgermeister




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