Called to give official statement at Larisa court, former lawyer admits in both Greek and in German that Orthodox clergy tried to bribe him in April 2015 to cover up their crimes, states he reported it to police same day, but all police reports have vanished

There seems to be some kind of movement in my case in Larisa.

I have been summoned to give a statement to a judge at Larisa court on October 24th 2016. This is the first time I have been able to give a statement. Up to now, I have been told to submit reports, which can be removed from files easily.

I will asked apparently about the original murder attempts in April as well as the cover up.

It is not clear who else will be called to give their statements. The selection of witnesses is crucial to uncovering evidence. I have not been able to get an answer to the questions I submitted yesterday.

In the meantime, I have obtained an email in which my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulous admits  to a third party in Greek and in a handwritten note in German that Theodekti made an attempt to bribe him on April 27th 2015 through Theoktisti and that he reported it the same day to the police. The bribery attempt proves all my allegations are true. There is no need to bribe a lawyer, after all, unless crimes have been committed.

The translation of the Greek part of his email says:

“According to Jane Burgermeister, the attempt by Theodekti to bribe the lawyer K. Christopoulos took place on 27.04.2014 at 11:46. Mr. Kos Christopoulos reported it the same day to the police of Larissa.

The handwritten parts are corrections made by the lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos. The underlined sentence (with an orange marker) “it is important for me that the bribery attempt really happened, otherwise I wouldn’t have reported it here”. The handwritten answer, in the orange circle, says “it is true” (it really happened).”

In fact, I allege Christopoulos was later successfully bribed by the Orthodox clergy given his role in the cover up. I went with him to Larisa police station and saw how he filed charges about this bribery attempt but all trace of that has disappeared.

My experience at Larisa really helps me to sympathize with the rape victims of Bill Clinton and the twelve year old rape victim who was cheated of justice by crooked Hillary. What a hellish year! The way the Globalists can rig justice systems is staggering. To fight this kind of systematic corruption as an individual is almost impossible.




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