Another trip to Larisa court tomorrow to find out if any witnesses have been questioned or if it is all just more theatre, lies and trickery from crooked Greek justice officials

Going to try and find out if any of the essential witnesses at the monastery have been questioned yet by going to Larisa court tomorrow morning with a translator. I bet you no new witnesses have been questioned.  That’s why no one will give me any information at Larisa court about my case. I bet they are hiding the fact that nothing has happened.

Let’s see what I find out tomorrow. I also have rights. I am representing myself in this case because all my lawyers have been bribed or are frightened. I also have a right to a translator. But in violation of my right to a translator, I will have to bring my own to find out after 18 months if the criminal justice officials in Greece are up to their usual tricks or not.

If it turns out that none of the witnesses have been questioned, that the first prosecutor who has been left in charge on the original murder attempt by the Areios Pagos in spite of the evidence she is at the heart of the criminal ring, has done absolutely nothing at all in all these weeks, then I going to demand the case be sent to the European Court of Justice.

If the Areios Pagos is too incompetent or too corrupt to do their job, my case has to go to the European Court of Justice. I refuse to let this farce and theatre continue any longer at my expense.

I am going to sue the Greek state and every single judge responsible for this never ending outrage. The reputation of Greece is already zero. But that reputation can decline even more.




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